• Stranded Aluminum Clad Steel Wire (ACS)

Stranded Aluminum Clad Steel Wire (ACS)

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Stranded aluminum clad steel wires are concentrically stranded and wrapped helically around a central wire. The additional corrosion protection is available through the application of grease to the cores or infusion of the complete cable with grease.
Aluminum clad steel products are manufactured with a high-purity aluminum powder compacted around a high-strength steel rod. With subsequent applications of heat and pressure, a bimetallic rod with a dense, inseparably welded cladding is obtained.
After cladding, the bimetallic rod is drawn to finished wire sizes without changing the proportions of aluminum and steel. The finished wire maintains its continuous ductile weld and dense uniform aluminum cladding which provides superior corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity.

Corrosion resistant in industrial, semi-industrial and marine environments
Superior to aluminized steel
Same tensile strength as extra high strength steel but weighs 15 percent less
Excellent conductivity–much more conductive than galvanized steel and aluminum
Wider variety of properties and size of steel wire, thickness of aluminum cladding, and quality of aluminum (cross sectional area ratio of the aluminum in AS wire covers approximately 13% to 85% while that designated in ASTM B415-92 is fixed at 25%)
Wider range of combinations of tensile strength and conductivity
Sufficiently strong bonding strength at the boundary between aluminum layer and steel core
Lighter in weight than galvanized and aluminized steel wire
Excellent thermal stability for continuous operation in high temperature

Applicable Standards:
IEC 1099
DIN48201 Standard
Número de conductores: 7 o 19 o 37
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